Meet Our Founders

Our founders pride themselves on their ability to curate unforgettable experiences and bring companies to the attention of the market.

James Frazier

James Oshea Frazier, known professionally as James Frazier, is a Businessman and CEO from Brooklyn, New York. Coming of age in New York City in the 1980’s had its challenges, however, rather than becoming a product of his not-so positive environment, James took the road less traveled and delved into the world of business.

Being naturally business savvy and greatly in tune with New York City’s party scene, James and his friends co-founded “International Flavors Entertainment”. I.F.E. began as the go-to company for event production and party organization. The ethical business practices of his team allowed this company to become a huge success. From community events to yacht parties, International Flavors Entertainment solidified their name as Brooklyn’s premier event production company. This era of James’ life was pivotal as it acted as the foundation to his longevity. It is during this time that he cultivated strong and pertinent relationships.

The prosperity of I.F.E. was so substantial, that in 1998, James had the desire to bring-into-being an addition to I.F.E, which was International Flavors Television. A community based Afro-Caribbean Variety Show on Public Access Television, that eventually went international and was viewed in New York, Jamaica, Guyana and St Maarten! Within a year’s time, the viewing audience reached 3.5 million! This was another business venture, which was simply a product of the creativity of James and his partners, that exceeded expectations.

In 2009, James and a business partner collaborated on another business venture,   ‘Ashea Management and Entertainment’; which was a consulting, management and entertainment company. Here James began to make an even sharper mark on the industry by showcasing his managerial skills. He managed multiple artists and brought exposure as well as notoriety to the artists under his roster. This company secured bookings organized interviews, executive produced music videos, coordinated tours and successfully negotiated distribution deals!

Doors continued to open for James, in 2012, he joined former Senator Eric L. Adams’ group ‘100 Men in Partnership’, after a personal invitation from the Senator himself. There James obtained life-changing experience organizing fundraisers and social community events, as a part of Eric L. Adams’ campaign for Brooklyn Borough President.

In 2014, James was chosen to become the COO & General Manager of Celebrity Grounds. A television show created by Kurtis Kizer (Celebrity Contractor), which was to be hosted by Supermodel Selita Ebanks. The show’s air date was pushed back, yet this was another position that allowed James to expand his horizons and showcase his superb skills and relentless work ethic.

James’ work as an event organizer, manager, and businessman is incomparable. His legacy goes beyond having an extremely long resume, it’s his character that speaks volumes. In 2016, he joined “500 Men Making a Difference”, which is an organization that mentors young men and aims to create leaders within the community. A year after joining, James was awarded the 2017 “Man of the Year Award”, for his active involvement within the organization!

In 2020, James and his wife Joy A. M. Frazier Co-founded The SIP NYC Inc., which is New York City’s first Black owned Wine & Spirits marketing and events company. A company which brings brand awareness to black owned alcohol brands.

James is currently running his businesses, as well as actively mentoring and organizing events. Today, James is known widely for his proven business acumen, his accomplishments and most of all, his reputation as a true professional and a solid businessman.

Joy A M Frazier

Joy A M Frazier is a British born Accountant and businesswoman of Jamaican descent. Early on, Joy had general business knowledge as well as the natural ability to manage responsibility, thus, she obtained her Bachelors of Arts degree in Business and Finance from the University of North London. She also became a Certified Accountant from the Tottenham College of Technology, all before coming to America. Once in The Land of Liberty, Joy got to work as an Accountant.

Over the years, Joy’s leadership ability allowed her to maintain various positions in the field, such as: Senior Director of Finance, an Assistant Controller, and Operational & Finance Manager, Notary Public and a Finance Director. During Joy’s time as a Grants Accountant, her position held great responsibility, as she implemented reporting on a $12 million federal grant from the Social Innovative Fund, which was under the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. Her work experience and expertise allowed her to forge relationships with funding bodies such as DCJS, DOL, HRA, DFTA and Single Stop.

It wasn’t long before Joy combined her Business-savviness with her education: In August of 2006, she became the CEO of the Chayvil Group, which is a management consulting firm focusing on the provision of Financial Management services as part of an array of management solutions. In August of 2015, she unmasked her innate philanthropic nature and founded the Mehala Isadora Miller Foundation, (a.k.a MIM Foundation) which is a nonprofit organization serving the needs of young women in at-risk communities. A company named after the mother, which has a mission to empower young women, is a passion project for Joy, one in which she takes much pride.

On a relentless mission to empower young women, Joy developed core-programs under the Mehala Isadora Miller Foundation: ‘For My Baby NYC’, (which is a program that offers emergency baby supplies) and “She Wins-Young Women’s Health Leadership Program”, (which is a Prevention and Life Skills program). These programs are funded by the Department of Youth & Community Development, Public Health Solutions and The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Joy’s desire to give back to her community has always driven her to promote the welfare of others and to donate her time and money to better benefit the world.

In 2012, Joy was a part of former Senator Eric L. Adams ‘Women In Partnership’. An experience that allowed Joy to expand her horizons while bringing into view, the fact that she is indeed an asset, and a force to be reckoned with.

In 2020, Joy and her husband Co-Created The Sip NYC Inc. which is New York City’s first Black owned Wine & Spirits marketing and events company. A company which brings brand awareness to black owned alcohol brands.

Joy is an accomplished and highly educated businesswoman, who is continuously putting forth excellence in her area of expertise and beyond. Her mission to give back to her community and be a vessel for the less fortunate has kept her occupied and fulfilled. Joy currently works a full time job and simultaneously runs The Chayvil group, The Sip NYC Inc., as well her non profit organizations.