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Our Story

The SIP NYC Inc. is New York City’s first black owned Wine & Spirits marketing and events company. Our sole mission is to contribute to the catapulting of black owned Wine & Spirits brands to the higher ranking staus in the spirits market.

As we place our focus on the brand awareness of these black owned businesses in the wine and spirits industry, we stand firm on our two mandates: to adequately represent these companies by becoming a premier marketing and events company and to ensure that all background-product information is accessible and accurate.

Additionally, we curate and host well sought out events, conferences and festivals. The Sip NYC is a family owned business that was built on a solid foundation with high standards; thus what we present to this sector of the industry is that of a lifestyle. We represent a way of life that speaks value, quality and eminence.

The SIP NYC Inc. stands firm on our mission and we pride ourselves on our ability to curate unforgettable experiences and bring these companies to the forefront while igniting a wider reach and worldwide brand discovery.